Certified Parent Educators

Certified Parent Educators use the Parents as Teachers curriculum to partner with families to provide:

  • Home visits for families that focus on age-appropriate learning activities, child development, and family support. The current focus is primarily families of 3-year olds;
  • Developmental screenings for all children birth to kindergarten entry; 
  • Developmental learning activities, through Ingham Play & Learn groups, for families with children birth to kindergarten entry;  
  • Connection for families to other community resources, early childhood programs and services. Ingham Great Start links families to multiple services and activities in Ingham County.

Our services

  • Child development information birth to kindergarten entry; 
  • Methods to enhance familly-child interaction, including encouraging reading 30 minutes per day;
  • Examples of learning opportunities promoting social, physical and intellectual growth;
  • Access to needed community services;
  • Promotion of healthy relationships.

Universal services, as well as more intensive services to a targeted population, are provided. Services are research-based, and staff is trained in early child development and the Parents As Teachers curriculum. 

Expected outcomes

  • Improve school readiness for all young children
  • Increase care giver involvement in early education
  • Foster the maintenance of stable families
  • Reduce enrollments in special education
  • Decrease retention of pupils in grade

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