Autism Spectrum Disorder Program

Ingham Intermediate School District offers programming for children, pre-k through fifth grade, who are eligible as a special education student with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The major focus of ASD programming is to assist in the development of a broad range of functional abilities through meaningful engagement within an intentional, structured learning environment. The ultimate goal is for students to return to their home school district. Instructional services are designed to meet the changing needs of students as they acquire and generalize skills. Program staff and parents work collaboratively to enhance the child's communication, social, behavioral, cognitive, and sensorimotor development with particular emphasis on areas of need.

A continuum of  instructional methods and environments are designed to facilitate meaningful engagement, adequate structure and routine, and generalization of skills. The ASD program strives to maximize learning opportunities, allow for flexible placement, and offer support between the school and home environments. The program nurtures family involvement. We provide support and strategies for parents and siblings to increase the generalization of skills across environments.

The general education curriculum of the district where the classroom is located is implemented as developmentally appropriate, addressing the needs of each student. The program provides the opportunity for a full-day experience based upon the individual needs of the student.


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