Heartwood School Principal-Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams is the Heartwood School Principal.

Contact Information
Phone: 517.676.1404
Email: Alexis Adams

May Program Themes


Heartwood uses themes to supplement our curriculum:

Color: Black and White

Shape: Review

Tiger Way: Be Learning, Sit

CORE Vocabulary: Go, Stop, Where, When

Survival Signs: STOP, Food/Restaurant, First Aid

Adult Transition Monthly Focus:

Self-Determination: Emotional Competence

Art Works: Mother's/Father's Day Craft

Cooking: Planning a picnic

House Keeping & Housing: Maintence at Home

Classroom Spotlight- Room 330

Did you know Room 330 tends to the American Flag? This tradition started five years ago. Classroom teacher Kirk Showers shared, "We were looking for classroom jobs to do. We asked who put up the flag in the morning? The custodian at the time was Doug M., so we asked  him if we could take over the job. He gladly gave us the job."

Classroom staff make sure each student partipates in a meaningul way:

  • Help carry the flag 
  • Learn to put the hooks on
  • Help pull the rope to raise the flag
  • When taking it down, they help catch the flag
  • Students and staff make sure to never allow it to touch the ground 
  • Carry the flag in at the end of the day
  • A few students have learned to fold the flag the proper way

​​​​​​​Thank you Room 330!


May 15 - Lugnuts Game

Heartwood School students will be attending Grand Slam School Day to cheer on the Lansing Lugnuts baseball team.

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM

Tickets are $10 each. For more information, contact Kirk Showers 517.244.1423.


June 4 - Heartwood Graduation

Family and friends come together to honor the graduates. Join us to celebrate! 

When: Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM 
Where: Heartwood School Cafeteria

June 6- End of the Year Picnic & Activities

Heartwood School will conclude the year with an all school end of the year picnic. Activities will be held through out the day to celebrate the hard work and effort made by students and staff. Students are encouraged to wear their Heartwood Tiger gear!

Get Involved

Heartwood welcomes parent volunteers.

Our teachers have set aside projects and other work for parents to come in and assist in the classrooms. We are eagerly awaiting your support. Please let us know if you are planning to come! Contact the Heartwood School main office at 517.244.1406.

Parent Council

The Parent Council is now electronic! To sign up for Parent Council emails, please contact Teresa Vandersloot.

Heartwood Creations

Heartwood Creations is a card making micro-business. "Handmade and Heart(wood) felt." All cards are made by transition students at Heartwood School. Profits are to benefit the Hearts of Fun Playground Fundraiser. Cards can be purchased in the Heartwood School lobby or Thorburn Education Center. Thank you for your support.

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