Review, improve and develop systems to ensure the success and achievement of all learners.


Promote and support the implementation of the Michigan Department of Education’s multi-tiered system of supports (All Learners, Whole Child, Growth Mindset) within Ingham ISD’s programs and services.

Partner with and support local educational agencies in implementing systems of best practice, high-quality instruction and state/federal requirements.

Develop and implement systems to advocate, nurture and advance communication, collaboration and relationships with all stakeholders.


Foster a culture dedicated to the success and achievement of all learners.


Understand and utilize Ingham ISD’s core values internally and with all constituents.

Create and implement a plan for high-quality employee and student experiences.


Promote effective and efficient resource allocation for the success and achievement of all learners.


Create and implement a comprehensive Ingham ISD physical infrastructure plan.

Develop and maintain a safe environment for students, staff and visitors. 

Deliver high-quality, cost-effective programs and services in collaboration and coordination with our stakeholders. 

Implement a decision-making process that incorporates prioritization and allocation of resources.