Over the last decade, a call for “evidence-based practices” has saddled school districts with the responsibility of using research to inform their instructional and even organizational decisions.

Yet, research is abundant, and staying abreast of new findings can be challenging for busy practitioners. In 2019, the Ingham ISD decided to publish regular research summaries as one way to help synthesize empirical literature on topics requested by local districts. We hope they encourage discussion and inform future decision-making.

If you have questions about the summaries or would like additional information, please contact Lindsay Burris.

Advanced Placement (AP) Programs

Participation in Advanced Placement (AP) programming continues to grow, but does the program warrant its increasing popularity? This review highlights the considerations districts should make when deciding the direction of their honors and AP courses. 

Read what the research says about AP classes.

Background Music and Learning

Students often want to listen to background music while completing assignments, but does such music facilitate or hinder learning? This research review unpacks the question. 

Read what the research says about background music.

The Effectiveness of Homework

The value of homework has been debated for decades, but research suggests that the practice isn’t entirely “good” or “bad.” Rather, the impact depends on a variety of factors summarized in this review. 

Read what the research says about homework.