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Schools of Choice

Understanding Schools of Choice

Historically, all districts in the Ingham ISD service area have participated in Schools of Choice. Schools of Choice is not mandated; districts have the choice to participate. There are two different types of Schools of Choice participation, limited and unlimited.

  • Limited participation: a school determines how many students by grade level it can accommodate.
  • Unlimited participation: a school accepts all students who apply.

Important Factors for Applicants

The Schools of Choice application window for limited Schools of Choice districts is 15-30 days, depending on the district. This application window usually happens in May or June. Districts that select limited participation have a random selection process for student applications.

The Schools of Choice application window for unlimited Schools of Choice districts begins in May and goes until the end of the first week of school in the fall.

Once a student has enrolled in a district under Schools of Choice and continuously attends that district the student does not need to reapply each year.

A graph indicating Schools of Choice district participation for Ingham ISD service area schools is printed in the Lansing State Journal, mid to late May. It is also included in our community newspapers. This graph will be available on Ingham ISD’s website in May.

Steps for Parents

Many of our schools have specialized programs and services. Research school districts now to determine the best fit for your child; it may be your own district. Contact the school directly to obtain an application or visit their website to download an application. The process is different in each district.


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