Facilities participates in the local Emergency Planning Team providing educational representation for Homeland Security and the Sheriff/EMS systems in Ingham County. We actively participate in many organizations, including Central Michigan School Maintenance Association(CMSMA), South West Michigan Facilities and Operations Directors (SWMFOD), Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO) and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO).

Building Use Reservations

Ingham ISD facilities are available to school and community organizations within the district's service area, if space is available. Due to issues with space availability, we are unable to accommodate other outside groups.

Any costs associated with the activity shall be paid for by the group or organization using the facilities. Additionally, Ingham ISD will charge a rental fee for use of the facilities for any local community organization.

Room charge and rental amount must be received 10 days prior to the event or the reservation may be canceled. Payment amount and information will be communicated to you should your reservation be approved.

Occupants must also provide a Certificate of Insurance verifying General Liability and Workers Compensation Coverage. Certificates must name Ingham ISD as an additional Insured in conjunction with this facility use agreement.

Ingham ISD reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time. In the event of a cancellation, any fees paid will be refunded. In the event that the user cancels the event, the user must notify Ingham ISD.

If the user cancels less than five days prior to the event, they may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Please complete the Building Use Reservation Application if you are not an Ingham ISD employee and are interested in utilizing meeting space on Ingham ISD's campus. 

For questions, please contact Ingham ISD Communications.

Emergency Drills

Heartwood School

Drill Date Person in Charge & Title Signature
 Fire  9.11.18 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Fire 9.20.18 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Fire 11.5.18 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Lockdown 3.20.19 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Lockdown 4.18.19 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Lockdown 5.14.19 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Tornado 10.9.18 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal
Tornado 3.5.19 Alexis Adams, Heartwood Principal

Wilson Talent Center

Drill Date Person in Charge & Title Signature
Fire 9.11.18 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Fire 9.20.18 Joe Wenzel,  Principal
Fire 10.12.18 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Fire 10.17.18 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Lockdown 10.23.18 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Lockdown 12.13.18 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Lockdown 1.9.19 Joe Wenzel, Principal
Tornado 10.9.18 Joe Wenzel,  Principal
Torando 2.12.19 Joe Wenzel, Principal


Thorburn Education Center

Drill Date Person in Charge & Title Signature
Fire 11.6.18 Steve Rusnock, Facilities & Safey Director
Lockdown 1.9.19 Steve Rusnock, Facilites & Safety Director
Tornado 2.12.19 Steve Rusnock, Facilities & Safety Director


PDF Document2018-19 Heartwood School 

PDF Document2018-19 Wilson Talent Center


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